Care Counts

Agency: Digitas
My Role: Art Director

2017 Cannes Lions Grand Prix - Creative Data
2017 Cannes Lions Gold - PR, Research, Data Analytics
2017 Cannes Lions Bronze - Integrated Campaign
2017 Cannes Lions Bronze - Durable Consumer Goods
2017 Cannes Lions Titanium Shortlist
2017 One Show Gold and Silver
2017 Clios - 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze
2017 Effies - 2 Silvers
2016 D&AD Impact Awards White Pencil - Education

Whirlpool believes that the simple acts of everyday care (cooking, cleaning and washing) have a greater impact on our lives than we could ever imagine. The Care Counts program sought to prove the value of everyday care by showing how something as simple as laundry could impact something as important as school attendance.

This project is so interesting because it was born from a simple insight: kids with clean clothes perform better in school. Simple, right? As an extension of our recent brand campaign "Every Day, Care", we began looking for ways that an act of care could come to life. We asked ourselves "what would happen if Whirlpool put washers and dryers in schools that kids could use for free?" Simple again. But sometimes the ways we show that we care are simple. So, we started installing appliances in schools and recorded what happened. The results were nothing short of amazing.

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